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Interior Design Engineering Company

About Us

Mikawa (International) Design and Contracting Limited is an energetic establishment dedicated to achieve interior and contracting works with strong enthusiasm and vitality. Our team members have committed to goal for excellence in technology and workmanship, to provide most efficient solutions for corporate and commercial interior.


Mikawa is based on "people-oriented" as a prerequisite for interior design. we design from the perspective of the customer and treats the space as if it is used by ourselves. We understands the structure and lines of that space, and then cooperates with different design styles and decorations to create an unique design that belongs to the customer.


Mikawa performs interior design and engineering for different spaces, covering areas including: residences, shops, offices, kindergartens, churches, clubs, restaurants, etc. The scope of services is also spread across China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Our design and engineering team has long-term cooperation with different brands and has experience in handling more than 300 stores. Our management team is also full of overseas work experience, allowing Mikawa to handle different areas of design and engineering.


In order to maintain the designer's sense of touch and foresight in interior design, we will regularly participate in different interior design competitions and win top awards in different competitions.


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